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jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210



Formula: C26H27NO

Molecular Weight: 369.5



jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210


jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210 :

jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210 is a chemical compound belonging to the naphthaloylindole family. It acts as a potent cannabinoid receptor agonist at both CB1 and CB2 receptors. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210 is one of the most highly substituted naphthaloyl derivatives in the naphthaloylindole series, demonstrating a very low affinity for cannabinoid vanilloid receptors. This product is intended for analytical and forensic purposes only. It is not approved for human consumption or for use as an active ingredient in drug manufacture. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210

buy jwh-210 online  is a novel and improved version of the notorious chemical compound JWH-133. It’s known to lead to physical and psychological dependence. This compound actually causes your brain to release excessive amounts of neurotransmitters which translates into an incredible, “deceiving” state of euphoria. There is no way for most users to avoid becoming addicted after using JWH-210 for very long. Jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210


Many synthetic cannabinoids (SC) have been detected in psychoactive herbal products since 2009. Acute toxicities of each compound remain scarce. We evaluated clinical presentations and common features due to single ingestion of buy jwh-210 online, the most powerful SC besides JWH-018 and -073. Data were extracted from a regional poison control center database of cases presented to emergency departments from March 2011 through June 2014. A total of 22 patients were included (aged 12–25 years, median age 17.5; 18 males four female). Most patients sought toxicological consultations after consumption of an unidentified beverage previously distributed during parties, leading to symptomatology, including psychomotor agitation with hallucinations and ataxia. SC ingestion led to electrocardiographic changes such as QTc interval prolongation with subsequent polymorphic ventricular tachycardia not observed at baseline follow-up in 3 patients. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210

Another names for jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210 :

(4-Ethyl-1-naphthyl)-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone (IUPAC allowed); (4-Ethyl-1- naphthalenyl)-(1-pentyl-3-indolyl)methanone (IUPAC CAS-like); (4-Ethylnaphthalen-1-yl)-(1- pentylindol-3-yl)methanone (IUPAC preferred; IUPAC systematic); (1-Amylindol-3-yl)-(4-ethyl-1- naphthyl)methanone (IUPAC traditional)

Effects of jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210  :

Studies have also found that acute adverse effects of buy jwh-210 online typically include central nervous system depression, seizures, nausea, tachycardia, agitation or restlessness (see link below), and may cause hypertension, bradycardia (a heart rate less than 60 beats per minute), stroke, syncope (sudden loss of consciousness resulting in dizziness) and ECG changes such as T-wave inversion. Another study showed that 12/17 patients experienced euphoria following inhalation at 20–60 minutes, 9/17 felt high after 60–120 minutes ingestion with ingestion occurring 5 to 30 minutes before anticipated high onset, 11/16 reported bloodshot eyes, 10/16 reported dry mouth during the periods of subjective effects. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210

There are numerable side effects, some being life-threatening, associated with cannabis use. Research suggests that around 80% of users will experience blood pressure, heart rate irregularities, or an abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG). Buy jwh-210 online  is a well-known CB1 agonist that has shown strong potential to cause cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome for the remainder of the sample.

JWH-210 is a chemical compound that binds very strongly to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. It has a much higher affinity for these binding sites than other naphthoylindole compounds, especially JWH-122, JWH-182, and JWH-081. This is worrying because of its relatively high potency in comparison to other compounds. However, it seems to have mild effects at low doses in animals, making them susceptible to toxicity when overdosed.

Analysis of jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210  :

Buy jwh-210 online  can be extracted from oral fluid, blood, urine, and serum using a liquid-liquid extraction by organic solvent along with other synthetic cannabinoids. It can be analyzed by MRM on an LCMSMS or gas chromatography in scan mode (8). SWGDRUG outlines instrument parameters for GCMS analysis.

Effects and Toxicity of jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210  :

User reports buy jwh-210 online  can be smoked after being sprayed on a plant material, much like cannabis. Effects start within 2-5 minutes of ingestion. Little is known about the effects due to inhalation alone. Still, common effects from synthetic cannabinoids are alteration of mood and perception, panic attacks/agitation, cannabis-like high, and mild hallucinogens (visual and auditory). Physical effects generally include red eyes, dry mouth, vomiting, and convulsions, in addition to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

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Long-term use or excessive use can cause acute paranoia and violent/aggressive behavior, loss of consciousness or paranoia and nausea, confusion, convulsions that may lead to death. Some common side effects include but are not limited to hallucinations, vomiting, bleeding from the eyes, ears, and nose, rapid heart rate, and severe panic attacks, which may require hospitalization. Large doses can make you vomit blood or bleed from your eyes, ears, and nose, which could be life-threatening. In 2015 there were five deaths caused by synthetic cannabis in New York alone. Side effects were similar to Carfentanil— Hallucinations, Vomiting Blood from the Eyes Ears & Nose Rapid Heart Rate Severe Panic Attacks Requires Hospitalization.

Initial studies are focused on the role of synthetic cannabis in psychosis because there have been critical findings related to its use. Synthetic cannabis may cause psychotic reactions, which can be prolonged. Some studies suggest that synthetic cannabinoid intoxication is associated with acute psychoses, worsening of pre-existing psychotic disorders, and even possibly triggering a chronic (long term) psychotic disorder among individuals who are already vulnerable due to having a family history of mental illness. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210 .

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