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Formula: C26H27NO

Molecular Weight: 369.5


jwh 210 buy


— What is jwh 210 ? — jwh-210 psychonaut

jwh 210 buy / jwh-210 buy / jwh210 .JWH-210 is an analgesic chemical from the naphthoylindole family, which acts as a effective cannabinoid agonist at each the CB1 and CB2 receptors, with Ki values of 0.46 nM at CB1 and 0. sixty nine nM at CB2. It is one of the maximum effective 4-substituted naphthoyl derivatives withinside the naphthoylindole series, having a better binding affinity at CB1 than each its 4-methyl and 4-n-propyl homologs JWH-122 (CB1 Ki 0. sixty-nine nM) and JWH-182 (CB1 Ki 0.65 nM) respectively, and than the 4-methoxy compound JWH-081 (CB1 Ki 1.2 nM).

JWH-210 can be neurotoxic to animals whilst administered in excessive doses

—  jwh-210 effects . jwh 210 experiences or reviews by users — jwh-210 review

– frame weight & gender – 92, male, 27
– dose is taken – five-6 mg on 100-one hundred twenty mg of natural combination
– path of administration – smoked
– Setting: comfortable at domestic with spouse and buddies, after-paintings evening
– period of foremost outcomes – appropriate 1, 5 hours + 1 hour of moderate buzz.
– foremost outcomes – satisfactory head excessive, euphoria, mild frame buzz
– aspect outcomes – very MJ-like: crimson eyes, thirst, hunger (controllable, if now no longer to attention)
– after outcomes – none
– score of the experience – five/five

jwh 210 buy / jwh-210 buy / jwh210

I actually have attempted JWH-210. It becomes white sticky powder with a noticeable (however now no longer unpleasant) chemical smell. I actually have made his personal natural combination – 250 mg of JWH-210 (dissolved in three ml of ethanol) on five grams of Tussilago farfara, rose petals, and peppermint (I just like the heady fragrance and flavor of this combination). buy jwh-210 . jwh 210 buy

-T 0:00 I actually have smoked his combination with a small wood pipe containing over 100-one hundred twenty mg of herbs (five-6 mg of the natural compound), 2 appropriate hits. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210

-T 0:05 First alerts – feeling something, quality, however now no longer clean at all. Waiting.

-T 0:10 Very satisfactory head excessive, very chilling and enjoyable. Swim observed that it’s by far very an awful lot similar to marijuana withinside the form of outcomes it produces.

-T 0:15 Really superbly excessive, something like Sativa combined with India, however, the impact appears to be totally precise in its personal way. Noticeable MJ-like euphoria, tranquility, heightened sensory perception (track sounds superb, inexperienced tea and cake tastes superb), mild frame buzz with quality muscle relaxation. No worry or paranoia – the whole thing is ok. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210

-T 0:40-1:20 Nice and robust plateau, My buddies and I are speaking with fun, guffawing and replacing innovative thoughts, consuming inexperienced tea, and being attentive to old-appropriate goa-trance.

-Т 1:30-2:00 Effects are fading out, however appropriate and enjoyable head-excessive remains here. Some of SWIM’s buddies are noticing MJ-like sedative outcomes.

-T 2:00-three:00 Back to baseline, SWIM and his spouse have long gone to sleep.

Next day – no hangover, appropriate enjoyable mood. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh210

— jwh 210 legal status — jwh 210 wirkung

jwh-210 legal status usa

In the United States, all CB1 receptor agonists of the 3-(1-naphthoyl)indole magnificence including JWH-210 are Schedule I Controlled Substances. jwh 210 buy

JWH-210 and JWH-122 had been banned in Sweden on 1 October 2010 as unsafe items dangerous to health, after being recognized as elements in “herbal” artificial hashish products. The materials JWH-210, JWH-122, and JWH-203 had been categorized as unlawful capsules through the Swedish authorities as of one September 2011. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy / jwh 210 buy

As of October 2015 JWH-210 is a managed substance in China.

— jwh 122 vs jwh 210 — jwh 210 for sale

Can JWH-210 and JWH-122 be detected in the system? jwh-210 dosage

Synthetic cannabinoids including alkylindole derivatives entered the illicit drug marketplace global some years ago. Only some statistics are to be had regarding their pharmacokinetics, mainly their distribution and patience in adipose tissue. For the prevailing take a look, rats had been administered an unmarried 20 mg/kg oral dose of JWH-210 or JWH-122. jwh-210 dosage

After one month, they had been dissected and adipose tissue become taken with the purpose to take a look at whether or not JWH-210 and JWH-122 continued on this frame sample. After extraction, the samples had been analyzed through liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometry (LC-QTrap-MS). jwh 210 buy

Validation of the analytical technique for adipose tissue is likewise presented. The consequences of the matrix outcomes willpower ranged between 30.6 and 43.eight%. The limits of detection for JWH-210 and JWH-122 had been zero. eight and 1. zero ng/g and decrease limits of quantification had been 3.7 and 2.1 ng/g, respectively. Calibration curves ranged from 10 to seventy-five ng/g for JWH-210 and from five to 50 ng/g for JWH-122. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy /jwh 210 buy

Intra- and interday precision values had decreased by 15% and bias values had been within ±15%. Applying this technique, in adipose tissue specimens received four weeks after unmarried drug administration, JWH-210 and JWH-122 had been detected in concentrations of 116 and nine ng/g, respectively. jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy /jwh 210 buy

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What is the real dose of JWH-210?

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jwh-210 is a complete agonist of each of the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors, with a mentioned binding affinity of nine.00 ± five.00 nM at CB1 and 2.94 ± 2.sixty five nM at CB2.[6] However, the function of those interactions and the way it consequences withinside the cannabinoid-excessive enjoy maintains to stay elusive . jwh-210 / jwh-210 buy /jwh 210 buy


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