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flubromazolam powder

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Flubromazolam is a 1-4 triazolobenzodiazepine, containing a fluorine, bromine, and methylated triazole substituent on the benzodiazepine skeleton (Wohlfarth et al., 2017). Fluorine at the R2′ position results in increased potency


flubromazolam powder

— What is Flubromazolam? —  buy flubromazolam powder

Flubromazolam is a triazolobenzodiazepine (TBZD), which are benzodiazepine (BZD) derivatives.Flubromazolam is reputed to be highly potent, and concerns have been raised that clonazolam and flubromazolam in particular may pose comparatively higher risks than other designer benzodiazepines, due to their ability to produce strong sedation and amnesia at oral doses of as little as 0.5 mg. Life-threatening adverse reactions have been observed at doses of only 3 mg of flubromazolam.

— For what purpose is flubromazolam being used? — 

Flubromazolam, a triazole analog of flubromazepam, is a triazole. Benzodiazepines, as a class, cause central nervous system depression (CNS). They are often used to treat panic disorders, anxiety, and insomnia.

— Physical appearance of flubromazolam powder— flubromazolam for sale powder

Flubromazolam, a white powder that is often sold in liquid form or as tablets (e.g. in falsified medicines). Flubromazolam has been reported as being sold as alprazolam in 2019 (Welsh Emerging Drugs & Identification of Novel Substances Project (WEDINOS), 2019).

— What street name is flubromazolam known by? — flubromazolam powder usa

According to the (Springfield), State Journal-Register, flubromazolam was seized by local law enforcement. Its street name is “liquid Xanax” and etizolam.

— What side effects can flubromazolam cause? —  buy flubromazolam

Adverse effects and addiction

— Is flualprazolam fatal? — flubromazolam dosage

Flualprazolam was found to be the most commonly used drug in fatal poisonings (N=23), in which flualprazolam was involved in 13 deaths.

— How long does flualprazolam take to reach its peak? — flubromazolam for sale

Flualprazolam’s action begins after oral administration and is usually effected in 10-30 minutes. Flualprazolam is more effective than alprazolam, which has a shorter duration of action (6-14 hours).

--- What's the half-life for flubromazepam --- flubromazolam buy

Flubromazepam’s 106 hour elimination half-life is one of its most dangerous features. Flubromazepam’s long elimination half-life can result in toxic levels building up after repeated use.

--- Is flualprazolam detectable in urine? --- flubromazolam solution

The most common signals found in urine were the 4-hydroxy flualprazolam and parent glucuronides, which were more prevalent than the parent compound flualprazolam. These metabolites should be used as a target for urine screening.

--- What are the withdrawal symptoms for flubromazolam ---

Many people believed that flubromazolam produced worse and more prolonged withdrawals than other benzodiazepines. The withdrawal symptoms included muscle aches, sleep disorders, panic attacks, muscle aches, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and severe anxiety.

--- flualprazolam vs flubromazolam ---

Flubromazolam works like flualprazolam, but with a higher dose. Sleepier, more potent, longer lasting. I don’t have a lot to compare because I only took a fixed, unknown dose of flam (pellets), while I had flualp powder and had ample time to adjust my dosage.

--- Legal status of flubromazolam powder ---

What is flubromazolam’s legal status?

Flubromazolam and clonazolam are not approved in the United States for medical use and are not considered controlled substances under the CSA.


CA: Schedule IV

DE: Anlage II

UK: Under Psychoactive Substances Act

US: Flubromazolam will be placed under control by the DEA in Schedule I

Illegal in Sweden, Switzerland

--- Where can I buy flubromazolam powder? ---

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