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Product Name:AM – 2201
IUPAC Name:1-[(5-Fluoropentyl)-1H-indol-3-yl]-(naphthalen-1-yl)methanone
Other Names:1-(5-fluoropentyl)-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole
Cas Number:335161-24-5
Molecular Formula:C24H22FNO
Molar Mass:359.44 g/mol
Effect:stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance:99.9%
Physical properties:Crystals, Powder


buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

—- What is AM-2201/AM2201 ? — AM-2201 wholesale

AM-2201 is a powerful, artificial cannabinoid receptor agonist. It is one of the maximum often detected artificial cannabinoids and is a fluorinated analog of JWH-018. It is likewise taken into consideration as a leisure fashion dressmaker drug. AM-2201 is a Schedule l DEA-managed substance.  buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

AM-2201 is to be had as reference material (bulk powder and/or solution) and as calibrated, Ready-to-Use, licensed reference material (CRM). This product is designed for qualitative and quantitative protocols and may be used for forensics, toxicology, research, and different chemical/biochemical analytical applications. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

— Pharmacology of AM-2201/AM2201 — buy am 2201 usa

.Class of pharmacological drugs: class of cannabinoids, naphthoylalkylindoles. AM-2201 is a powerful but nonselective complete agonist for the cannabinoid receptor. Affinities are with a Ki of 1.0nM at CB1 and 2.6nM at CB2 .

— Metabolism of AM-2201/AM2201 — buy am-2201 online

Metabolism: Numerous metabolism merchandise were identified. These encompass AM-2201 4-
Hydroxypentyl Glucuronide, JWH-018 5-Hydroxypentyl Glucuronide, JWH-018 N-Pentanoic Acid,
JWH-018 N-Propionic Acid, JWH-073 N-Butanoic Acid, and AM-2201 6-hydroxy indole. Many of
those metabolites are in no unusualplace with JWH-018 metabolites. am 2201 wholesale

— Blood Concentrations while on AM-2201/AM2201 — am 2201 liquid for sale

Blood Concentrations: Blood tiers in a single DUID examination from Norway had been stated as much less than zero.5 ng/g. Logan and Yeakel stated outcomes from a US examination in which outcomes had been zero.43-4.zero ng/mL.

Other reviews have stated comparable tiers.

— Effects and Toxicity of AM-2201/AM2201 — am 2201 experiences

Anecdotal reviews of panic assaults and vomiting at doses as little as 2 mg.
Convulsions can also additionally arise at doses over 10 mg. AM-2201 can be energetic at doses as little as 500 ug. It
has a totally steep dose-reaction curve and tolerance builds up quickly.

There is an excessive ability for overdose and withdrawal symptoms. Due to batch variability, there can be a tremendous distinction in effects. In one case, AM-2201 changed into determined withinside the blood of someone who died from a stab wound to the neck.

*** Structure of AM-2201/AM2201 : *** am 2201 chemical for sale

Formula: C 24 H22 FNO
Molecular Weight: 359.4

--- Dose AM-2201/AM2201 --- buy am 2201
Light 250-500ug
Common 500-1000ug
Strong 1000-2000ug


Onset 1-3 minutes
Duration 30-90 minutes
After-effects 15-60 minutes
Onset 15-30 minutes
Duration 60-180 minutes
After-effects 15-60 minutes
--- am 2201 legal status ---

How legal is AM-2201/AM2201

CA: Schedule II
DE: Anlage II (Authorized trade only, not prescriptible)
NZ: Temporary Class
UK: Class B
US: Schedule I


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