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AM-2201 is an aminoalkylindole used as an energetic element of merchandise bought as hashish substitutes. When smoked, AM-2201 produces cannabimimetic consequences in doses decrease than the doses of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) had to produce consequences of comparable strength .



buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

— What is AM-2201/am 2201 ? —

buy am 2201 online/AM-2201 . AM-2201 is an aminoalkylindole used as an energetic factor of merchandise offered as hashish substitutes. When smoked, AM-2201 produces cannabimimetic outcomes in doses decrease than the doses of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) had to produce outcomes of comparable strength (better potency). Many of the dangers connected to hashish use also are gift withinside the case of AM-2201, amongst them headaches in sufferers laid low with cardiovascular illnesses and triggering of acute psychosis.

Abuse ability and dependence ability appear to be just like hashish. One of the principal variations among hashish and this artificial cannabinoid is the extra acute toxicity of AM-2201. Due to its complete agonistic motion on the CB1 receptor and exceedingly excessive potency, the aspect outcomes of better doses may be life-threatening.buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

This is annoyed via way of means of the truth that dosing could be very tough because of converting contents of energetic substances in distinctive merchandise, distinctive batches of the equal product or even inside one packet. Regarding persistent toxicity, dangers are very tough to estimate on the premise of the to be had data. However, there are issues approximately ability carcinogenic outcomes. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

In assessment to JWH-018 and JWH-073, AM-2201 includes a fluorine atom on the five role of the alkyl aspect
chain, that is situation to metabolic transformation and offers upward thrust to extra problem with reference to ability toxicity.


— Physical reactions of AM-2201/am 2201 —

White crystalline solid (in natural form), soluble at ~5mg/ml in ethanol.


— Street Names of AM-2201/am 2201 — buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

‘Spice’, ‘K2’, ‘felony weed’, ‘artificial cannabis’, ‘natural incense’ AM-2201 turned into located as an additive in over ninety exclusive manufacturers of ‘natural combinations’ in Germany alone (very own unpublished data). These merchandise have been sporting fable names like e.g.: ‘Agent Orange’, ‘Atomic Bomb’, ‘Green’, ‘Jamaican Gold

Extreme’, ‘Manga Xtreme’, ‘New Bonzai’ and ‘XoXo’.
One need to be privy to the reality that combinations bought beneathneath precise emblem names do now no longer constantly include the identical substance or aggregate of materials over time. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201


— Other Names of AM-2201/am 220 —

AM-2201, AM2201, 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole, JWH 2201 .

*** (CAS) Registry Number of M-2201/am 2201 ***



— Chemical description of AM-2201/am 220 —


AM-2201 is a naphthoylindole alkylated on the indole nitrogen and incorporates a fluorine atom on the 5-role of the pentyl aspect chain.


— Chemical residences AM-2201/am 220 —

Chemically, AM-2201 may be appeared as highly inert as it’s far substituted on the reactive C-three role with the naphthoyl moiety. Due to the aromaticity of the indole gadget the nitrogen does now no longer result in widespread basicity. In assessment to non-fluorinated analogues, at better temperatures AM-2201 can be transformed into JWH-018 and JWH-022 to a minor extent . buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

— Ease of convertibility into managed materials AM-2201/am 220 —

When heated (e.g. for the duration of smoking), AM-2201 can be transformed into JWH-018 to a minor extent , which become one of the first artificial cannabinoids to be protected into numerous countrywide narcotics laws. However, AM-2201 isn’t taken into consideration an instantaneously precursor of any across the world managed substance. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

— Effects of AM-2201/am 220 —

-Neuropharmacology and results at the primary worried gadget
No take a look at facts to be had.

-Effects on cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, liver, kidneys and
genitourinary systems

No take a look at facts to be had.

-Behavioural research in animals
No take a look at facts to be had.

-Effects on cognition in humans
No take a look at facts to be had.

– Effects in humans

There isn’t any facts of systematic research to be had for AM-2201 withinside the medical literature so far. However, primarily based totally on case reviews and on consumer reviews from the Internet, there may be a few proof of bioavailability after smoking and oral uptake, and normal results appear to imitate the results of hashish consumption. Adverse results are summarized under section . buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

-Interactions with different materials and medicines
No take a look at facts to be had


— Dosage of AM-2201/am 220 —

AM-2201 is especially presented at the Internet both withinside the shape of ‘natural mixtures’,
in which the chemical has been sprayed on plant material (e.g. damiana), or as a powder . Based on person reviews and at the dosage paperwork presented, the number one path of management is inhalation both with the aid of using smoking the ‘natural mixture’ as a joint or utilising a vaporizer, ‘bong’ or pipe . Furthermore, oral uptake of the compound become defined with the aid of using diverse customers on net fora . Based on such data from the Internet, lively doses begin from 250 μg whilst smoked/vaporized . buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

Based on information from the EMCDDA, 250 μg is taken into consideration a mild dose, 500-1,000 μg moderate, 1-2 mg a heavy dose and three mg can motive hallucinations and intense anxiety . When taken orally . pronounced no bodily or psychoactive impact after a five mg dose , that is maximum possibly a result of a pronounced ‘first by skip impact’ in mixture with a surprisingly gradual resorption withinside the gastro-intestinal tract . AM-2201 contents in diverse ‘natural mixtures’ bought in Germany , Japan , Korea and the us various from 0.9 to 303 mg/g. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

It must be taken into consideration that a lot of the ‘natural mixtures’ are inhomogeneous with admire to the content material of lively ingredients, because it has been proven with the aid of using Logan et al., Ng et al. , Langer et al. and Choi et al . The latter analysed 11 samples of one ‘natural mixture’ detecting a very excessive version of the AM-2201 content material, starting from 0.9 to 36.6 mg/g (imply 14.5 mg/g).


— Adverse reactions in human beings of AM-2201/am 220 —

Cases of AM-2201 intoxications in human beings posted withinside the literature:

*** Non-deadly Cases ***

Adverse consequences defined withinside the literature after the intake of artificial cannabinoids consist of tachycardia, agitation, hallucination, hypertension, minor elevation of blood glucose, hypokalaemia, vomiting, chest ache, seizures, myoclonic, excessive tension main to panic assaults and acute psychosis (chance of suicide). In instances with analytically validated AM-2201 intake convulsions, vomiting, drowsiness, tachycardia, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, and diffuse pulmonary infiltrates had been said. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

A 19-yr-antique guy suffered from generalized convulsions lasting for 1-2 min, and vomited quickly after smoking an ‘natural mixture’ containing JWH-018, JWH-081, JWH-250 and AM-2201 . A 40 yr antique guy changed into admitted to the clinic after he changed into observed drowsy and in a gradual reacting situation at domestic after smoking of self-anticipated 0.5 g of a ‘natural mixture’ (AM-2201 and hint quantities of AM-2232), and intake of α-methyltryptamine and a benzodiazepine-like substance. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

In this example 3.1 ng/ml AM-2201 changed into detected withinside the received serum samples . A diffuse pulmonary infiltrate changed into identified in a 21-yr-antique male and an infectious aetiology seemed unlikely. Blood, urine and saliva evaluation showed the uptake of AM-2201 (blood level: 0.seventy five ng/ml), JWH-122 and JWH-210 and it emerged that the affected person smoked more than one manufacturers of ‘natural mixtures’ all through the previous 4 months . buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

Hopkins et al. record a case of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome in a purchaser with a self-said noticeably common artificial cannabinoid intake who had evolved ordinary and intense crampy belly ache related to intractable
nausea and vomiting. Urine samples of the affected person examined fine for JWH-018, JWH- 073 and AM-2201, and terrible for THC. Furthermore, the affected person said that once weeks of sobriety his signs and symptoms absolutely resolved . buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

***Fatal instances ***

Three deadly instances wherein AM-2201 can be detected in autopsy blood samples have been posted so far. One took place in Germany, in which a 36-year-vintage guy collapsed after smoking a ‘natural mixture’. He suffered from seizures and died after admission to the health facility notwithstanding persisted resuscitation attempts. The residue of the joint he had ate up contained JWH-122, AM-2201, MAM-2201 and UR-144. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

AM-2201 can be detected withinside the femoral blood pattern of the deceased at a awareness of 1.four ng/ml in addition to withinside the brain (~0.1 ng/g), lung (~ 2.0 ng/g), bile fluid (~5.9 ng/ml), gastric content (~270 μg absolute), hair (~ 3.0 ng/mg) and adipose tissue (~ one hundred eighty ng/g).

Furthermore, the synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018 (0.1 ng/ml), JWH-122 (0.3 ng/ml),
MAM-2201 (1.5 ng/ml) and UR-144 (6 ng/ml) in addition to a surprisingly excessive awareness of amphetamine (250 ng/ml) have been additionally come across ed withinside the femoral blood, indicating an acute have an impact on of numerous artificial cannabinoids and amphetamine . buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

In this case, the presence of numerous materials withinside the femoral blood prevents a practical estimation of the contribution of AM-2201 to the deadly outcome. The 2d fatality took place withinside the USA, in which a 23-year-vintage guy and not using a records of intellectual illness, seizure disorder, preceding psychiatric care or beyond or contemporary use of antipsychotic or illicit pills became determined lifeless mendacity supine at the floor. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

The ‘natural mixture’ determined withinside the decedent’s blouse pocket contained 0.8 ± 0.2 % of AM-2201 via way of means of weight and the determined smoking tool contained excessive concentrations AM-2201 and hint quantities of JWH-073. In the autopsy blood pattern 12 ng/ml AM-2201 along side 2.5 ng/ml of an oxidized metabolite of AM-2201 have been detected, and no similarly pills of abuse (opiates, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, cocaine, THC) or alcohol have been determined. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

A autopsy exam of the decedent discovered many self-inflicted blunt and sharp pressure wounds, which include a self-inflicted stab wound to the proper aspect of the neck taken into consideration deadly, as a consequence concluding the way of dying to be associated with psychiatric headaches after AM-2201 use .

The 1/3 case describes a deadly methoxetamine intoxication of a 26-year-vintage male in Sweden, in which it can’t be dominated out that the presence of 3 artificial cannabinoids (femoral blood: AM-2201 0.3 ng/g, AM-694 0.09 ng/ml and JWH-018 0.05 ng/g) can also additionally have contributed to the deadly outcome.

Cases of individuals using a motor car below the suspected have an impact on of artificial cannabinoids: Three instances of individuals using a car after uptake of AM-2201 have been suggested via way of means of Musshoff et al . The signs of all 3 instances are indexed in Table 1. Similar to maximum different instances, numerous artificial cannabinoids have been detected withinside the serum of the respective person, suggesting synergistic effects. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

— Abuse of AM-2201/am 220 —

*** Human data ***

One of the primary motives for abuse of artificial cannabinoids is the problem of detecting intake with the aid of using evaluation of organic samples. The non-detectability of those compounds makes them very appealing for people present process ordinary drug tests (e.g. sufferers of forensic clinics/withdrawal clinics, place of business drug checking out or riding licence re-granting candidates).

In a survey performed with the aid of using Vandrey et al. inclusive of adults from thirteen exclusive international locations who said at the least one lifetime use of artificial cannabinoids, 38% of the look at completers have been difficulty to drug checking out procedures. buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

The US Department of Health and Human Services assessment states that the artificial cannabinoids JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497 and cannabicyclohexanol showcase a excessive ability for abuse just like that of marijuana . Due to structural and purposeful similarity of AM-2201 to those compounds, the equal may be assumed for this drug.

— Non‐clinical use, abuse and dependence —

AM-2201 remains standard as an additive in commercially available ‘herbal-mixtures’. However, maximum reviews and surveys are primarily based totally on merchandise containing artificial cannabinoids in general, with out figuring out the precise substance (customers normally do now no longer understand the composition of the merchandise) . buy am 2201 online/AM-2201

— Is AM-2201/am 220 Legal ? —

Controlled in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,
Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden (in step with the EDND
of the EMCDDA) . Also managed in Japan, Switzerland and the USA

— Where to shop for AM-2201/am 220 —

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