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Product Name:25I-NBOMe 25B-NBOMe 25C-NBOMe
IUPAC Name:2-(4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine
Other Names:NBOMe-2C-B, Cimbi-36, Nova, BOM 2-CB
Cas Number:1026511-90-9
Molecular Formula:C18H22BrNO3
Molar Mass:380.275 g/mol
Effect:stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance:99.9%
Physical properties:Crystals, Powder


buy 25i-nbome online

— what is 25i-nbome ? — 25i nbome

25I-NBOMe (additionally referred to as 2C-I-NBOMe, NBOMe-2C-I, Cimbi-5, Smiles, and certainly considered one among many capsules called N-Bomb) is a unique psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine chemical elegance that produces an array of visually-dominant and stimulating psychedelic results while administered. buy 25i-nbome online

buy 25i-nbome . The call 25I-NBOMe, which short-hand for 2C-I-NBOMe, is a by-product of the phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-I. It changed into first synthesized and documented in 2003 via way of means of Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin. It changed into similarly researched via way of means of a crew at Purdue University led via way of means of David Nichols. It has been studied in its 11C radiolabelled shape as a capability ligand for mapping the distribution of 5-HT2A receptors withinside the brain, the use of positron emission tomography (PET). 25i-nbome erowid

It is really well worth noting that compounds of the NBOMe family (any of which can be called “N-Bomb”, specifically 25I-NBOMe and 25N-NBOMe) ought to be administered sublingually via way of means of positioned and retaining it in one’s mouth and permitting it to soak up over a duration of 15-25 minutes. buy 25i-nbome online

Extremely little is thought approximately the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of 25I-NBOMe in humans. It had no records of human use earlier than being offered online as a fashion dressmaker drug in 2010. It has been related to many deaths and hospitalizations. Anecdotal reviews advise that this substance can be tough to apply effectively because of its notably touchy dose-reaction and unpredictable results. buy 25i-nbome online

*** Other names for 25i nbome / 25i-nbome *** buy 25i-nbome 

25I , 25I-Nbome, 2C-I-Nbome , Bom-25 , SmileyPaper

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25i-nbome death . 25I-NBOMe can be deadly if overdosed.

— Chemistry of 25i nbome / 25i-nbome — 25i nbome vendor

25i nbome ld50 or 2C-I-NBOMe is a serotonergic N-benzyl by-product of the substituted phenethylamine psychedelic referred to as 2C-I. 25I-NBOMe is a substituted phenethylamine with methoxy organizations CH3O- connected to carbons R2 and R5 in addition to an iodine atom connected to carbon R4.

buy 25i-nbome  .It differs from 2C-I structurally thru a substitution of the amine (NH2) with a 2-methoxybenzyl (BOMe) group. 25I-NBOMe stocks this 2-methoxybenzyl substitution with different chemical compounds of the NBOMe family. This NBOMe addition incorporates a methoxy ether CH3O- sure to a benzene ring at R2.

— Pharmacology of 25i nbome / 25i-nbome — 25i nbome ld50

25I-NBOMe has efficacy on the 5-HT2A receptor which acts as a surprisingly robust and selective partial agonist. However, the function of those interactions and the way they bring about the psychedelic revel in keeps staying elusive.

Among psychedelics, this compound is taken into consideration to be pharmacologically specific in phrases of the excessive potency, affinity, and selectivity with which it binds to the 5-HT2a receptor. Contrary to famous belief, it isn’t a “complete agonist”, even though questions had been raised approximately how the consequences it produces fluctuate from different 5-HT2a partial agonists, which encompass a variety of conventional psychedelics. buy 25i-nbome online

The Ki values of the subsequent goals had been extra than 500 Ki: 5-HT1A, D3, H2, 5-HT1D, α1A adrenergic, δ opioid, serotonin reuptake transporter, 5HT5A, 5HT1B, D2, 5HT7, D1, 5HT3, 5HT1E, D5, muscarinic M1M5, H3, and dopamine reuptake transporter.

— What does 25i nbome / 25i-nbome appear like? — 25i nbome Australia

N-Bombs had been regularly bought as tiny squares of paper. These tiny squares are typically known as tabs or blotters. Blotters can be available in numerous sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. buy 25i-nbome

They had been additionally bought in spray, powder, and liquid shapes. It is feasible that they’ll stay to be had in that paperwork now that they’re illegal.

--- How is 25i nbome / 25i-nbome consumed --- how to make 25i nbome

N-Bombs are very powerful, with most effective a small quantity had to have an effect.
It is stated that N-Bombs don’t paintings if swallowed, so they’re normally positioned beneath neath the tongue or held withinside the cheeks, in which they’re absorbed via way of means of the liner of the mouth.

They also can be sniffed if of their powder shape or absorbed thru the nostril or mouth if a sprig shape is used.
N-Bombs are very strong, with most effective a small quantity had to have an effect.buy 25i-nbome online

--- How does 25i nbome / 25i-nbome make you feel? --- 25i nbome sale

N-Bombs (contributors of the NBOMe own circle of relatives of capsules) are effective hallucinogens, much like LSD, this means that they modify the manner you notice gadgets and reality.

buy 25i-nbome  .You may see or pay attention to matters that aren’t there (called hallucinations). The revel in taking hallucinogens is frequently called an experience. Trips may be properly or horrific, however till you are taking them you don’t understand how they may have an effect on you – and as soon as you’re on an experience you can not prevent it.

Trips can feed off your imagination – so if you’re sad or fearful it could make those emotions lots worse.

The principal results of taking hallucinogens, like N-Bomb, are:

*Time and motion can seem to hurry up and gradually down.
*Colour, sound, and gadgets can get distorted and you could revel in double vision. These distortions of your senses may be pretty unpredictable, from time to time excellent, but from time to time very frightening (those are known as horrific trips). buy 25i-nbome online
*Feelings of euphoria (extreme happiness) and love/empathy.
*Mental and bodily stimulation.
*An excellent or nice alternate in consciousness.
*Unusual frame sensations.
*Feeling tired, anxious, panicky, and depressed.
*Feelings of misunderstanding and paranoia.
*Insomnia is whilst a person reveals it is very tough to go to sleep or to live asleep for a regular quantity of time.
*Feeling ill and nauseous.
*Body tremors and shaking.

--- 25i nbome / 25i-nbome Duration in the body --- buy 25i-nbome online

How lengthy the results ultimately and the drug remains on your device relies upon how an awful lot you’ve taken, your size, and what different capsules you can have additionally taken.
How long it lasts:

The results can ultimate between 6 and 10 hours.

--- Risk and effect of 25i nbome / 25i-nbome --- lsd vs 25i nbome

*** Physical fitness dangers and impact of 25i nbome / 25i-nbome *** buy 25i-nbome

N-Bombs are much like LSD so a number of the dangers of LSD may also follow to N-Bombs as well.

Physical fitness dangers encompass feeling ill and nauseous, and frame tremors and shaking.

Doctors who’ve handled humans who’ve taken N-Bombs have pronounced the subsequent not unusualplace results/dangers:

*Increased coronary heart price and blood strain, may position strain in your coronary heart and circulate device and in severe instances can cause coronary heart failure.

*Some humans may have seizures and fever or excessive frame temperature.

*** Mental health risks 25i nbome / 25i-nbome *** 25i nbome order

Doctors who’ve handled humans who’ve taken N-Bombs have pronounced the subsequent not unusualplace results/dangers: buy 25i-nbome

-Feelings of misunderstanding and paranoia.
-Insomnia, is whilst a person reveals it is very tough to go to sleep or to live asleep for a regular quantity of time.
-Agitation and aggression.
-You may also see and pay attention to matters that aren’t there (called hallucinations).

*** What is 25i nbome / 25i-nbome reduce with? *** 25i nbome for sale

25i nbome / 25i-nbome is reduced or combined with different substances. However, with capsules like N-Bombs, you could by no means definitely make certain what you are shopping for includes what it says it does.

--- Legal reputation of 25i nbome / 25i-nbome --- 25i nbome blotter for sale

This is a Class A drug, this means that it is unlawful to have for yourself, supply away or sell.

Possession can get you as much as 7 years in jail, a limitless pleasant, or both.

Supplying a person else, even your friends, can get you lifestyles in jail, a limitless pleasant, or both.

Like drink-riding, riding whilst excessive is risky and unlawful. If you’re stuck riding beneath neath the influence, you can get hold of a heavy pleasant, riding ban, or jail sentence. buy 25i-nbome

If the police capture humans offering unlawful capsules in a home, membership, bar, or hostel, they could doubtlessly prosecute the landlord, membership owner, or every other character involved withinside the control of the premises.
Additional regulation details

Because of their identified harms, the Government accompanied professional recommendations and banned those capsules, and managed them as Class A capsules, from the tenth of June 2014.

This approach is that if the police arrest you in ownership of N-Bombs, they will constantly take a few actions. This may want to encompass proper caution, arrest, and prosecution.


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