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A new powerful designer drug with a very short duration of action. 2-Oxo-PCE is similar to ketamine, PCP, eticyclidine and deschloroketamine. Buy 2-Oxo-PCE


Buy 2-Oxo-PCE

A High-Quality Dissociative Research Chemical

If you’re a research professional in search of a dependable source for 2-Oxo PCE, Auschem21 is the ideal choice. The 2-Oxo-PCE we offer is high-quality and suitable to research only and is sourced from reliable producers and tested for purity and quality.

What is 2-Oxo-PCE?

2-Oxo PCE, a.k.a Eticyclidone (also known as Eticyclidone) or O-PCE is a dissociative chemical within the class of arylcyclohexylamine. The compound is an abridgement from the most well-known drug for dissociation, Ketamine. It shares the same features and effects. The molecular formula for 2-Oxo-PCE is C15H21NO2 The molecular weight of 247.332 grams per mo.

compounds produced by 2-Oxo PCE are 3′-fluoro-2 oxo-pce and 2-fluoro-2 oxo-pce. 2-fluoro-2-oxo-pce is also known as 2 fluoro 2-oxo-pce.

What are the Effects of 2-Oxo-PCE?

2-Oxo-PCE is an extremely potent dissociative medication that may cause many effects according to the dose and method of administration. A few of the most frequent results of 2-Oxo are:

EuphoriaSensory dissociation
Time distortion
Relaxation of the muscles

As with other drugs that dissociate that are available, 2-Oxo can cause the sensation of being out-of-body, commonly called the ” K-hole.” This type of state can be described as an intense dissociation. The person feels dissociated from their body and outside world.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of 2-Oxo-PCE?

Although 2-Oxo-PCE may produce positive outcomes, it’s connected to various dangers and adverse consequences. The most frequent adverse effects caused by 2-Oxo-PCE are:

The psychotic episode
Depression of the respiratory system

Long-term exposure to 2-Oxo-PCE may cause dependency, tolerance, and even addiction. This is why it’s essential to make sure you use it responsibly and with the supervision of a certified expert.

How to Use 2-Oxo-PCE?

2-Oxo is a powerful research chemical, and should only be administered by certified experts within a controlled laboratory. The proper dosage and the method of administration will depend on the goals of the research and on the users’ familiarity and tolerance.

It is vital to know that 2-Oxo-PCE has not been designed to be consumed by humans and should only be utilized for research. It’s also a restricted chemical in a variety of countries and regions. Furthermore, the possession, sale and usage could be a violation of law.

Where to Buy 2-Oxo-PCE?

If you’re a research professional who is looking to purchase 2-Oxo-PCE, Auschem21 is your trusted supplier. Our 2-Oxo-PCE is of high quality to research only. you are procured from trusted manufacturers that have been checked for purity and high quality.

We’re committed to providing our clients that Buy 2-Oxo-PCE  with security and comfort during all steps and promise to offer the best shopping experience you can get online. Our safe and easy-to-use purchase platform lets you place your order swiftly and conveniently. Our discreet packaging protects your privacy and much more.

Use 2-fluoro-2-oxo PCE safely and ethically, while ensuring your safety as well as your research subjects. When you buy it from a reliable company such as Auschem21 You can be confident in the purity and quality of your chemical for research and allow you to focus on your research needs.

If you’re interested in purchasing 2-Oxo-PCE Auschem21 is a user-friendly and safe platform to buy it. Our determination to provide our clients with the best quality and customer satisfaction guarantees all buyers that they get top-quality products that will meet your needs for research chemicals. Do not forget that our products are intended for research only, and are meant or designed for consumption by humans.

Buy 2-OXO-PCE Online with Auschem21 , we provide discreet packaging and quick and efficient shipping, you’ll be able to feel confident about purchasing and continuing your studies with assurance. Check out our range for today and find the ideal item for your needs in research. 


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