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adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy

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Molecular Formula of ADB-FUBINACA:


Molar Mass:

382.439 g·mol−1

Molecular Weight:

382.4313 g/mol

Substance Group:

Synthetic cannabinoids

Effect Group:

Synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists


adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy

What is adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy?

adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy (C8) is a designer drug which is similar to JWH-018 and was discovered in 2013. Nowadays, it is the third most common synthetic cannabinoid identified in drugs seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration.Pharmacologic and toxicology data, that’s a fancy way to say “how it acts when in your body” and “how much of something is safe in our body” is lacking for ADB-FUBINACA. Many synthetic cannabinoids are active at low doses and extensively metabolized in the liver with only trace amounts of the original compound remaining in urine. Scientists know very little about how to make sure everyone stays safe from this drug. In this study, we wanted to see if we could learn more about what happens inside the human body when someone uses ADB-FUBINACA. We also wanted to know more about the dangers of taking too much of this drug or some other harmful synthetic cannabinoid. by trying some out on cells that are similar to those found inside human livers. adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy

Information about the pharmacokinetics of ADB-FUBINACA is unavailable. In a study using human liver microsomes and hepatocytes, metabolites were identified in humans indicating that it may be possible to detect the substance in urine for several days after intake. It has been suggested that certain unique metabolites could signify a specific ingestion of this substance in a person’s urine. Laboratory testing is essential in determining if a substance is present in an individual’s bloodstream because unlike what television crime dramas portray when it comes to drug identification, blood samples from living individuals cannot be matched against store-bought or clandestinely obtained samples without undergoing stringent analyses. ADB-FUBINACA is not been banned under the international treaties on psychotropic substances namely the 1971 United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances and the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Other Names for adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy:

ADB-FUBINACA has been detected in our products labeled Black Mamba, VaperFi, Freeze, and Mojo. Other street names for these substances are not available. However, there are dozens of substances on the market which may contain one or more unidentified synthetic cannabinoids. These substances include K2, K2XXX, barely legal, iBlaze, spice, cloud 10, herbal incense, fake weed among others.Little is known regarding the pharmacokinetics of ADB-FUBINACA. Since its discovery, analysis of blood or urine from confirmed users has not been available. Researchers to date have relied on human liver microsomes and hepatocytes when attempting to identify metabolites in rodents. Results demonstrated that the N-(1-amino-3,3-dimethyl-1-oxobutan) moiety was found to be hydroxylated during metabolism through a phase II process, indicating that this might be a target region of metabolism.

Molecular Formula of adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy:


Molar Mass:

382.439 g·mol−1

Molecular Weight:

382.4313 g/mol

Substance Group:

Synthetic cannabinoids

Effect Group:

Synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists

Effects of adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy:

One death has been associated with ADB-FUBINACA intoxication, but there are at least 8 more deaths in Hungary in 2015 linked to its usage, including teenagers and children.Although samples are hard to come by, several case studies happened to take place following the accidental exposure to ADB-FUBINACA. During this time, some experienced adverse reactions where in most cases, many substances were found in patients who have consumed ADB-FUBINACA including other synthetic cannabinoids. The effects of these chemicals can produce psychological and physical features including cognitive issues, agitation or confusion which gives way to somnolence.Case studies suggest that acute administration of ADB-FUBINACA has contributed to severe adverse reactions in humans including, but not limited to, death.

adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy Routes of Administration:

The primary route of administration for ADB-FUBINACA remains unknown. However, this is the same as that of other synthetic cannabinoids – inhalation via smoking or vaping. The reason that chemical sprayed on herbal material (i.e., K2/Spice) is highly abused is because it’s found in synthetic cannabinoids. Dosage required for pharmacological effects in humans remains unknown. ADB-FUBINACA is most commonly administered through smoking or vaping the chemical after it has been sprayed onto plant material. The dosage needed for ADB-FUBINACA to elicit its effects in humans is unknown.

Dependence on adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy :

Systematic analyses of synthetic cannabinoids in products seized by law enforcement over time may underestimate actual use due to the low proportion of cases that are prosecuted and tested for these substances.It’s important to be able to identify what can cause people to get sick when it comes down to their health. Studies show that amide hydrolysis and alkyl hydroxylations are all part of metabolic pathways of AB-FUBINACA, an analog form of ADB-FUBINACA. Researchers also found alkyl dehydrogenations, dihydrodiol formations, and glucuronidation occurred more extensively in the metabolism process among drug users compared to healthy individuals. The metabolites resulting from ADB-FUBINACA metabolism in these experiments were consistent with these results which means that the liver had higher levels of glucuronidation activity. It’s important for pharmaceutical companies to study what can cause some sort of sick patients so they can study ways to solve this problem. adb fubinaca / adb-fubinaca buy

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