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5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone

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5-Methylethylone is a stimulant, empathogen and psychedelic drug. Browse our online store to find high quality 5-methylethylone for sale at reasonable prices.


5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone

5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone for sale Drug discrimination studies showed that 5-methyl-MDEA substituted for MDA, MDMA, and LSD, but not an amphetamine, suggesting is that it produces a mix of entactogen and hallucinogenic effects without any stimulant effects.

5-Methyl-MDEA is a selective serotonin-releasing agent (SSRA) with an IC50 value of 107nM, 11,600nM, and 1,494nM in its ability to release serotonin compared to dopamine or norepinephrine when tested in vitro.

Drug tests have found that the active ingredient of the so-called legal high 5-Methyl-ethylone is similar to Ecstasy and is a less risky alternative with a single dose of the drug being shown through testing to be able to stop seizures in rats for up to eight hours after consumption, which is an effective painkiller and prevention for strokes that could help users with multiple sclerosis and might even inhibit HIV from multiplying in brain cells.

No harmful effects were observed in all tests with 5-methyl-ethylone, which started out as a ketone, hence its name. 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone .

2-Methyl-MDA is remarkably potent. A suitable dose in vivo could be around 15–25 mg. New tests, however, show that 2-methyl-MDA isn’t as potent as once thought and doesn’t peak until at least 100 mg. This puts it on par with 5-methyl-MDA (or Madam-6), but still not quite as strong as MDA or MDMA (aka Ecstasy). It’s important to note that all of these drugs are much less potent than alcohol.

Research has been going on lately about a chemical called 2-methyl-MDA. A research group in the United Kingdom used its findings to help recreate a model of how the serotonin transporter works. 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone

Legal status of 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone:

The substance is up to 5 times more potent than MDA, with an active dose possibly in vivo around 15 mg. However, the substance was tested outside of its original setting with different people taking it, and it has been found that 100 mg would be a suitable “active” dosage.[1] However, testing using other substances has shown that the chemical is not as active as originally thought. 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone

Recent research consisting of analyzing the effects and molecular structure of 2-methyl-MDA and 5-methyl-MDA has proven to be highly beneficial in helping scientists understand the serotonin transporter complex. There’s a possibility that 5-methyl-MDA could be deemed an analogue of MDA in some jurisdictions; therefore, sales or possession could potentially be forbidden. This is not currently covered under the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances. 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone

Little about 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone: 5 methyl ethylone buy

5-Methylethylone is a compound that’s been created from both cathinone and amphetamine. It blends the energy you find in cathinone with the active ingredient of amphetamine which acts as a stimulant. Generally, it’s categorized as an empathogen; however, it also stimulates the brain at low doses.

This combined stimulation has given this compound some psychedelic properties. Not much is known about 5-methylethylone, but there are reports that it damages the serotonergic system. 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone

5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone is a crystal with the molecular formula C12H17NO that resides in its parent chemical class of amphetamine and its derivative, cathinone. It was discovered to reside with both categories in 1972 by Dratoff and has been labeled as an empathogen due to its origins in New Zealand with designer drug vendors online. The formal classification of this drug is not known.

Still, it is most likely an analog (designer drug). Hence, it is sold alongside such compounds as Ethyl-o-methoxyvalerate (Impex) and the designer drug Methylone. Little data is known about the toxicity of 5-ME, though observations can be made from similar drugs, e.g. (MDA).

Effect of 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone:

They affect the brain similarly to other drugs such as amphetamines and MDMA (Ecstasy). The effects may last from 1 to 3 hours. Ethylone in 5-Methylethylone is known to give a potent psychedelic experience, often giving users feelings of extreme excitement, euphoria, or even energy after consumption. Ethylone tends to have a more mild effect than other psychedelics such as MDMA or Mushrooms.

Ethylone is a known product among scientists and research groups. Many of our regular customers buy 5-Methyl-Ethylone to get high and become invigorated, energetic, and full of life. Some people take it for sexual reasons, such as developing an increased libido.

Legal Status 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone:

CA: Schedule I

DE: NpSG(Industrial and scientific use only)

U.K.:  Class A

US: Analogue to a  Schedule I/II drug (possibly, if can prove human consumption intent )

Best way Where to buy 5-Methylethylone: 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone

5-Methyl ethylone is synthetically manufactured as a research chemical. It is also referred to as Methyl Ethyl homolog, 5-Methylethylone, and 5ME, among others. Consult with manufacturers to have it delivered in Pellets, Blotters, or Pills. A highly potent drug of the cathinone class, this Is a controlled substance in some countries/states and a legal high for recreational or research purposes only.

This chemical was previously used as an ingredient in liquid incense blends and can be found globally on any readily accessible online retail websites at a reasonable price. In the U.S., the manufacturing of this compound falls within Schedule I controlled substance laws that must be adhered to strictly by all manufacturers should you choose to work with them. 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone . 5-methyl-ethylone / Buy 5-methyl-ethylone .

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