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4,4′-dmar / Buy 44-dmar Australia

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4,4′-dmar / Buy 44-dmar Australia

If you need a powerful and pure stimulant drug, you have surely head about 4,4′-DMAR, also called 4,4′-Dimethylaminorex. Due to the known harmful risk,4,4′-DMAR which is a designer drug is recognized as a Schedule I controlled chemical substance in some countries, including United States(USA) and other countries.. In this post, we’ll have a close review of what the drug is as well as its effect on mind and body, as well as where to find  4,4′-dmar / Buy 44-dmar sale online.

What is 4,4′-DMAR?

4-‘-DMAR is known to be a synthetic stimulant substance that was created for the treatment of narcolepsy which is a sleep disorder with a consequence of an excessive amount of morning sleep. It has a similar structure to other stimulants like cathinones or amphetamines. It functions as a stimulant to the production of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in the brain. It can have an effect on feelings of energy, alertness, and happiness, on the other hand, it could also have a serious adverse negative effect.

44-dmar Stimulant and Designer drug

A designer drug, 4,4′-DMAR is not accepted for medical use and is typically sold through the market black. The drug is often sold under different names such as ” Serotoni” or “Ice,” and may be offered in pills, powders, or in crystalline forms. Even though it is illegal it is possible that some individuals be looking out for the drug for its potent results as it is a CNS stimulant. 4,4′-dmar / Buy 44-dmar Australia

The legal status of 44-dmar

It’s very important to remember that 44-dmar is considered to be unlawful to use, sell and possess in many countries, such as Canada, United States as well as many European(EU) countries, reason is due to the risk of the use of this drug, which includes a risk of addiction, of overdose, or even of death.

The side effects of 44-dmar

Similar to other stimulant medications like 4,4′-dmar/Buy 44-dmar Australia is prone to a variety of adverse effects, some of which can be severe and even life-threatening. This can be a result of increased blood pressure and heart rate as well as insomnia, anxiety hallucinations, seizures, and psychosis. A few users also may feel the sensation of a “crash” or feelings of tiredness and depression after the effects of the medication fade.

4,4'-DMAR Addiction and Overdose

The repeated use of the drug can result in dependence, tolerance as well as dependence. It can be difficult to get off the substance and may increase the danger of an overdose. The effects of an overdose of 4,4′-DMAR could be fatal, and the symptoms could include respiratory failure and even an induced coma.

The analysis for forensics on 4,4'-DMAR

In light of its illegality and the potential for risk, 4,4′-DMAR may be encountered in the area of toxicology for forensic purposes. It is often analyzed in urine or blood samples to identify drug use or in postmortem exams to find out what caused the deaths.

4,4'-DMAR Analogues

There exist several analogs to the drug 4,4′-dmar/Buy 44-dmar Australia that are being developed and some may prove to be much more potent, or produce different results than the original substance. The analogs are illegal in several countries and could cause the same risks for users.

The neurotoxicity of powdered 4f-mar

Certain studies suggest that the 4,4′-DMAR could be neurotoxic. Meaning, it could cause damage to neurons in the human brain. It could also cause long-lasting negative effects on human behavior and cognitive functioning, and also increase the likelihood of developing specific neurological conditions.

The chemical structure of the 4f-mar powder and the Molecular weight of 4,4'-DMAR

The chemical structure of the 4,4′-DMAR comprises of a central phenyl-ring that is joined by two dimethylamino groups to the four and 4′ points. The molecular weight of the compound is 181.28 grams per mo.

Buy 4,4'-DMAR / Buy 44-dmar Australia, UK, and Wholesale

Important to know that selling or buying 4”-DMAR is considered to be illegal in several countries, such as Australia and the UK as well as the US. But, some sellers on the internet could claim to sell 4,4’DMAR or similar designer substances. Be cautious and research thoroughly before purchasing any items, since the substances could be harmful and even fake.

If you’re thinking of buying 4,4′-DMAR and similar designer medications, you need to purchase them from a reputable supplier. AusChem21 is a reputable supplier of top-quality research chemicals as well as designer drugs like 4,4′-DMAR. All of our products have been rigorously evaluated to ensure purity and effectiveness We also offer discrete and safe delivery worldwide.

4.44′-dmar / Buy 44-dmar Australia is a potent and possibly dangerous stimulant drug that is classified as a controlled drug in numerous nations. It could cause a wide range of severe side effects. It can be narcotic or fatal in high dosages. If you’re contemplating the use of 4,4′-DMAR, or any other drugs, be sure to be aware of the dangers and seek out professional assistance when needed.


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