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About Us

Research Chemical with Competitive Price. Leading quality USA and France products.,
Samples of the chemicals you ordered are sent to a centralized testing center to ensure maximum quality.


Who are we ?

We are an enthusiastic group of researchers offering a range of research chemicals of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on the fact that every customer is optimally satisfied with service, speed and product. All of our compounds come from the most prestigious laboratories and are analyzed by third parties before being put on the market. We can ship to every country we ship to with tracking number (see FAQ or shipping page).


What We Offer

We have a wide range of high quality research chemicals categorized into stimulant, tryptamine, dissociative, psychedelic, and nootropic. We specialize in liquid lysergamides, rare tryptamines and a range of carefully selected CBD products from Green Cuisine. We mainly sell the retail quantities listed on the website, but we can wholesale some products upon request. We look forward to assisting you with all of your research needs.


History of Beginning

We are one of the largest suppliers of research chemicals with suppliers in Australia , Europe and USA. We are firmly established as the supplier of a wide range of RCs, providing well-researched and some unique connections to academic researchers and scientific institutions around the world.

All our products are high quality, lab tested and have HNMR results on demand – something that is unique in our offering.


Quality controlled

All specialty chemicals that reach your hands go through a stringent quality
control system. Samples of the chemicals you ordered are sent to a centralized
testing center to ensure maximum quality.

After sale support system

You will also be supported by a team of experienced sourcing experts
for any concerns over the chemicals you ordered. You can also access your online order reports anytime, anywhere.

Up to next-day delivery.

With the seven offices and logistic hubs around the world, aushchem21 provides fast turnaround to over 50 countries.
Customers in Australia, Europe and USA will enjoy specifically faster delivery with local warehouses.


Having access to the world’s most diverse and abundant production facilities in China, auschem21 is in a unique position to assist you in developing and troubleshooting processes for mass-scale chemical productions..

What most people ask

BTC, LTC, ETH, Western Union, MoneyGram, Direct Bank Transfer and instant Escrow Payment.

The address is provided to you at checkout, please use preev.com to calculate the cost in Euros. Please pay the correct amount immediately after placing your order, underpayments will go on hold. Send transaction ID (long code) to info@auschem21.com when you’ve sent the funds.

Yes. Requests will be processed only for legal. However know you are responsible for the shipping and delivery fee for your sample package

If you have chosen a tracked and insured shipping option, your order will be reshipped if it has not arrived three weeks after shipping, unless it has been seized by customs. Your order will not be reshipped if it was shipped by airmail or POSTNLTRACKED.

If you have not received a confirmation email then please check your spam box. If you still have not received it then it may not go out until your payment has been confirmed.

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